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ELBM: NASDAQ   $0.39 (+2.34%)
ELBM: TSX.V   $0.58 (+3.57%)



Electra is at the forefront of producing sustainable battery materials through strategic projects. Through refining, recycling, and innovation, we will power the North American battery materials supply chain. Each project is designed to support the growth of the electric vehicle market while adhering to our commitment to environmental stewardship and economic sustainability.

Lower Carbon Footprint

We take a proactive, risk-based approach to environmental management, with robust measures that help ensure we minimize our impact, while ensuring the viability of the environment for future generations. When compared to offshore refining facilities, our North American refinery has:


lower CO2 emissions


lower water consumption


lower eutrophication potential


lower global warming potential

Ontario Refinery

Ontario, Canada

Electra Battery Materials’ Ontario Refinery is North America’s first and only cobalt sulfate refinery. Strategically located and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the refinery supports the growing electric vehicle market by providing high-purity cobalt and other critical materials.

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Ontario, Canada

Electra Battery Materials is committed to sustainability through its state-of-the-art battery recycling program. As batteries come off the road, we are developing our process to recover critical materials such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite, reducing environmental impact and supporting a circular economy.

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Quebec, Canada

Bécancour is a cornerstone of Electra Battery Materials’ strategic expansion, focusing on a second cobalt sulfate production facility. Located in Quebec’s ‘battery valley’, this project leverages strong government support and hydroelectric power to expand production of essential materials for electric vehicle batteries.

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North American Nickel

North America

The North American Nickel project by Electra Battery Materials is focused on establishing a secure, domestic supply of high-grade nickel for the EV battery market.

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Iron Creek

Idaho, USA

Electra is the owner of one of the only primary cobalt-copper deposits in the United States. Iron Creek will support the development of the US-based EV materials supply chain.

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Photos & Videos

Discover Electra Battery Materials through our photos and videos. See our projects, meet our team, and learn about our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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