World Class,
Low Carbon Battery Materials

Through refining, processing, and recycling, Electra plays a key role in the upstream and downstream of the electric vehicle (“EV”) battery supply chain. Electra provides a localized, secure, and sustainable option versus offshore alternatives.


electric vehicles will be supplied with Electra’s material annually*

0K tonnes

Of Li-ion battery waste currently available for recycling

* Initial capacity of the cobalt and nickel sulfates facilities at the Battery Materials Park will be designed to supply raw materials for over 1.5 million electric vehicles per year

Electra ?

Electra’s value proposition is unique within North America. With a phased approach to growth, the Company is well positioned to grow along with North American demand for battery materials, while supporting the reduction of geopolitical risk through the development of domestic supply chains.

Electrification and the net-zero transition are driving increasing demand for battery materials.  North America must reduce reliance on processing from offshore alternatives.

Electra Battery Materials is focused on creating the only Battery Materials Park in North America, from refining to precursor material.

Located in Ontario, Canada, with access to an abundance of affordable and renewable power, Electra will have one of the lowest carbon footprints within the EV supply chain.

Electra Battery Materials will produce secure, green, ethical battery raw materials from phase 1 of its battery materials park, including cobalt sulfate and recycled battery materials

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Our Partners

Electra is led by a highly experienced group of Corporate Directors and Executives

The Electra leadership group has previously managed teams of 300+ employees and has experience in refining, plant development and operations, and battery chemical markets and sales. Collectively, they have more than 200 years of experience in business leadership and operations.

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